5 Steps for Booking Your First Bahamas Cruise

Planning your first cruise can seem really intimidating, especially with so many options to choose from- which destination to sail to, which cruise line to travel on and how to avoid making a hole in the pocket. Here, we have shared six such cruise booking tips every first-time cruiser should consider before booking a voyage at sea.

Having a Better Understanding of Modern Cruising Experience:

Most people are not accustomed to the idea of a Bahamas cruising vacation for the 2– they might get nervous and end up imagining themselves in a dining room of a senior citizens’ home with a mediocre jazz band playing in the background. The reality of today’s cruise experience is quite different. You can do- or not do- as little or as much as you want. For dining, you can eat at various onboard restaurants. Even the onboard entertainment has taken a noticeable step forward. With comedians tickling your bones and musical night to keep you amused, top-of-the-line spa treatments along with many other intriguing experiences.

Choose an Itinerary that Works For You:

You can cruise almost anywhere you wish to that has a port today, so take these factors into consideration when choosing your itinerary:

  • The weather in your Destination– what season is it there or will it be as warm or as cool as you desire?
  • Length of the Cruise– how many days at sea and how many days in port would you prefer?
  • Size of the Ship– Depends on what you’re comfortable with, in addition to the amenities available onboard. Go with your favourite. option.

Pick your Ports and Prepare:

While considering which itinerary to pick, the ports you’re visiting should play a huge part in your decision. Do your research beforehand and book a tour online through a company. Not properly preparing for your shore excursions can cause both your wallet and head to ache.

Pick the right Room:

Understand the category differences before you book. Usually, there are interior rooms with no windows, oceanview rooms with windows, balcony rooms with either interior or oceanview verandas and suites. It gets a bit more confusing with additional options like spa rooms, which offer added amenities and private entrances, so make sure you do your research ahead of time so you know what to expect.

Book your Cruise with the Travel Agency Offering the most Incentives:

You can try your luck by booking through travel agencies because of the extras given on top of the cruise fare like onboard credit, beverage packages, shore excursion credit, a speciality dinner at on onboard restaurant or casino free play. Sites you can take a look include VacationsToGo, CruiseDirect, CruisesOnly, etc.

Booking your first cruise can be a little daunting but with a little planning and the proper research, it will surely make an unforgettable experience. Hope these cruise tips help you.