Ahoy There! Common Cruise Myths Busted

Common Cruise Myths

From colossal like ships to sleek ones that guide through riverways, it’s said all the cruise ships give a similar kind of experience. But there are a lot of cruising myths attached to it. Whether you’re a first-timer or on your 30th sailing, let us give you the best hacks to find the right cruise for you along the way.

All Cruises Are the Same

Whether you prefer quiet times or partying all night, there’s a ship to suit all your preferences. The differences between the cruise lines and even the individual ships can be massive. So if you’re thinking about booking a cruise, don’t just look for the cruise company’s overall offering, but the ship itself, to check if it meets your needs.

Seasickness Is Inevitable

Seasickness is a genuine concern when it comes to women and children. However, most ships are well-equipped to deal with it. If you find yourself suffering, you can always reach out for help. Booking an outside cabin in the middle of the ship is said to be of help as they’re located on a natural balance point.

The Kids Will Get Bored

Give entertaining kids with iPads a break. Cruise ships now come with many ways of keeping them occupied, usually via kids’ clubs manned by qualified and vetted staff. Some have mocktail bars for teenagers while adventure areas have mini theme parks. There are hunts and science labs, swimming pools and one of its kind parties.

Cabins Are Really Small

Like hotels, cabins- usually known as staterooms, vary in size according to how much you’re spending. The cheapest is the inside cabin, which doesn’t have a window and space is minimal, so this option is best if the majority of your time will be spent outdoors. An outside cabin will come with a view, but opting for a balcony can give the perception of more space.

Everything’s Included

Even if you’re on an all-inclusive package, add-ons such as spa treatments may carry a service charge of around 15%. Upgrade to a speciality-dining restaurant and you may also face an additional charge for an a la carte menu too. It’s better to always check before you make any purchase or sign up to a service to see how much of it will appear on your final bill.

We hope some of these myths about cruises have been busted.

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