Mistakes to Avoid in Planning Your Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway

Weekend quick getaways are the perfect solution for a bigger group getaway- whether that’s with friends or family or your partner. But you need to make sure you don’t goof up and for that, we have curated some  weekend getaway tips for you:

Not Booking Your Resort in the Centre of the City:


Even if it is a bit cheaper, it’s not worth being outside the city of your choice when you have to end up paying for all that commuting, not to mention, the time it consumes travelling back and forth.

Not Knowing Enough About Your Neighbourhoods:

About the Neighbourhoods

Pick one and stick to it. If you try juggling between two places, given the travel time, it will only waste your time. And there’s something special about sticking to one area and truly getting to know it over a couple of days.

Booking a Connecting Flight:

Booking a Connecting Flight

You’re just increasing your chances of a delay. Try booking a direct flight to your destination to save a lot of time.

Not Being Prepared:

Not Being Prepared

Map out your destination, hotel locations, sights you want to see, restaurants you want to visit, etc. That way you won’t be left at your breakfast table wondering what to do next.

Dressing for Only One Part of the Day:

Dressing for Only One Part of the Day

When your time is limited, avoid dressing like a tourist. That way you can avoid heading back and forth to the hotel to change. The key is smart layering. For both men and women, a thin T-shirt with a light cardigan is good to go for any type of temperature.

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