How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft While Travelling


Taking a trip, be it for business or pleasure, involve a lot of planning. One thing you should always keep a check on your to-do list is taking steps to help protect yourself from identity theft while on the road. Check out these travel hacks to help make your travel a little less risky:

What to do Before you Leave:

Call Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

Credit Cards

Letting your financial institutions know when and where you’re travelling is the smartest move to make. You don’t want your bank or lender to decline your debit or credit card because you’re making a transaction in an unexpected location.

Clean Out Your Wallet


To minimize the risk of lost credit cards and other items you usually carry with you, check your wallet thoroughly before you depart. This may also help you assess what you typically carry on a day-to-day basis. One primary credit card and a backup should work just about fine. Also, ensure you aren’t carrying your Social Security card. Chances are that the list of your information a thief would likely want.

Clear Your Bills Before Leaving Home


It might seem like a good idea to catch up on the bills while relaxing in your hotel room but think twice. Consider who might have access to your room while you’re away, with it comes all the personal information on those bills.

Use a Carry-On Appropriately


Think of all the sensitive items you take with you on vacation. These may include cash, tickets, credit cards and more. Where’s the safest place to carry these? A carry-on bag or purse might not be as secure as you think since it might not always be under control. Also, consider putting these items on different places- so losing, say wallet, doesn’t mean you’ve lost everything.

Use the Hotel Safe

Hotel Safe

As you travel around, you should store your driver’s license, tickets, excess cash and backup credit card in the hotel safe. Also, make sure to not leave any important documents or unprotected devices lying around your room while you’re out and about.

No one can protect you against all identity theft, but doing what you can to help protect your personal information can make your travels a lot less stressful and way more enjoyable. Hope these travelling tips prove useful to you.

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